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Evelyn Sylvan and the Curse of the Magical Tree Stump

Evelyn Sylvan is the most popular girl in school-but she's also a bully. One day, a magical tree stump that imprisons cruel-hearted individuals gets a hold of her! 
Join Evelyn as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime to free herself from the stump's curse as she learns the true definition of what it takes to be a real friend.

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Sammy's New Home

Join Sammy the Sasquatch, who is the last of his kind, as he ventures to the town below to return a lost teddy bear to her rightful owner. Along the way, Sammy makes friends and learns the true definition of what it is to have a home.
Nishan Patel's picture book debut is perfect to read aloud with kids of all ages, from 1 to 101.

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