Wednesday, June 6, 2012

SOUTHOLOGY in Barnes&Noble!

SOUTHOLOGY the anthology I've been working on with High School students at 'South just got picked up by BARNES & NOBLE!!!

What happens when you give a group of high school students the broad topic of 'identity' to be solved artistically, and let them go? This collaborative endeavor is the result of forty-six 9th-12th grade students from New Jersey's West-Windsor-Plainsboro High School South Campus, and their twenty-five year-old student teacher, all of whom delved within and discovered aspects about themselves through the exploration of art making during the course of three months in 2012. This anthology is a collection of stories, memories, quips, and experiences of the everyday, fantastical, and the mundane. Each page is but a glimpse of the artist's soul--the beginning of a conversation that he or she is putting out there for you. How will you respond? The beauty of Art is that it allows us to communicate what everyday words, written or spoken, cannot. The process of art-making allows and requires us to delve within to uncover lost treasures and share; to find a voice and an understanding of who we are as individuals and how we can inspire the world around us.

Cover artwork by senior AJ Chu

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