Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Evelyn Sylvan and the Curse of the Magical Tree Stump!

Hello All!
Sorry for the lack of updates; It's been a great and busy past couple of months. My 2nd children's book, Evelyn Sylvan and the Curse of the Magical Tree Stump, is now completed and available at the Barnes and Noble web-site!

The story deals with bullies--their actions and how they treat others, interwoven with fantasy, drama, and humor. At the end, it's the power of true friendship that saves the day!

Evelyn Sylvan is the most popular girl in school-but she's also a bully. One day, a magical tree stump that imprisons cruel-hearted individuals gets a hold of her! 
Join Evelyn as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime to free herself from the stump's curse as she learns the true definition of what it takes to be a real friend.

Let me know what you think
(Sketches and processes of the book will follow soon in the coming weeks!)
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