Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New York Cares, Colorado Mountain Ranch, and NAEA Seattle, oh my!

(Hello again after being away for so long! I've been working on some gallery work and on a project, but can't show/say anything until we get the green-light, so hopefully more exciting news within a couple of months! I've been getting many opportunities to travel and meet some great people and institutions:)

New York Cares: I got the chance to meet the great kids of Jennie A. Clarke Residence in East Harlem and got to be a part of their Bedtime Stories activity session! (Please click on the link to go to the NYCares blog page to read what happened!) Afterwards, the kids made and gave me thank you cards--a wonderful night and experience!

Colorado Mountain Ranch: My friend (and talented artist) Devin Scannell invited me up to see the CMR--I was floored! CMR is run by a trio of caring/selfless individuals: Mike, Lynn, and Gail. They hold summer programs for youths in the mountains of Gold Hill, CO (please see the link for more info). Last summer was very tough for them as a wildfire destroyed most of the CMR property (as well as countless of homes in that area). The trio, along with the help of the townspeople, volunteers, and contributors, are rebuilding the site better than ever! If you'd like to find out more of how one might help, visit the Four Mile Relief facebook page.

NAEA: The National Art Education Association's conference in Seattle, WA was my first NAEA conference and was a blast! Some of the top art educators and researchers (such as Olivia Gude and Judy Burton), as well as scientific/environmentalist/artist innovators (like Mark Dion), were in attendance giving insightful lectures and presentations. The conference was only 3 days long, but it was jammed pack! Next year, the NAEA comes to NYC!

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